Responsive Images come to Milliner's Email Builder

Some of our users have requested the ability to make the images in their emails respond to device width, so they could show for instance a portrait image on mobile devices and a landscape image on desktops.

Responsive image example in

We're delighted to announce we've now added this feature to Milliner.

To use it simply:

  1. Select the image in the canvas
  2. Click "Add Breakpoint" at the bottom of the image inspector
Adding an image breakpoint in
  1. Then select the range of screen widths within which you'd like the breakpoint image to appear
  2. Finally chose a new image from the library or upload directly to the breakpoint image

You can preview the responsiveness easily by resizing the canvas.

Responsive images can have different attributes for alignment and size, meaning you could have a left aligned fixed width logo on desktop and a center aligned 100% width on mobile devices.

Finally responsive images also plays nicely with dark mode so you can display the correct image based on both screen size and the users preferred color scheme (i.e. light or dark)