You can now set the responsive view to popular device widths in Milliner

We’ve recently pushed live a great new feature, the ability to automatically set the responsive view width to a number of popular device widths directly within our email builder.

Emails are viewed on many mobile and desktop devices, at a multitude of different widths and heights. From huge Galaxy Tabs to slim iPhone SEs. That means getting a preview of what your email looks like on these devices is paramount.

One step towards previewing an email is checking out how it responds to different widths in your browser.

Building emails in Milliner has always been about speed, that’s why from the very start the building canvas itself was resizable. In other email tools you have to open up a different view check an email at different widths, in Milliner you can just drag the canvas to any width and the email will respond just as it would in a browser window, and whilst being fully editable too of course.

To make resizing and testing even quicker, we added a list of popular device widths.

 Just click the dimensions at the bottom centre of the Milliner workspace to get a list of these devices. Clicking the device automatically sets the width of the canvas to that device width. 

Simple as that:

Popup menu of devices with widths and heights in milliner app workspace ui.

If you think we’ve missed a device send us over a message at