🎉 Drag and drop email building now at Milliner

Milliner now offers drag and drop email building as the primary way to build emails.

When we initially conceived of Milliner we always knew we wanted a drag and drop interface for building emails. But in our rush to get the app launched the feature was dropped from the initial release.

We've now remedied that with what we think is a solid, well considered drag and drop solution which makes the app easier to use and allows for for more great features in future.

Here's the new email builder screen:

You can see we've made changes in these areas:

Insert Content

You can now drag content directly from the left panel into the email. When you start dragging a grid overlay appears and you can clearly see where you can drop the content.

You can still drag and drop content within an email.

Tree view

This is now accessible from the left panel. In case you haven't seen this before the tree view lets you view and interact with the structure of the email directly without the visuals of the email getting in the way. Great for longer layouts.

The right panel

This now contains the Inspector (edit settings for items in the canvas) as well as Text Styles and Email Settings.

X-Ray mode

A new feature we added  to the bottom panel - this lets you see the email structure including margin in purple and padding in blue. Great for complex layouts.

Responsive device selector

In case you missed it we recently added a responsive device selector to the bottom panel. Multi-device testing just got loads easier!

Bonus round - drag and drop images!

Finally for the bonus round you can now drag and drop images directly onto new image content items, making that new image process super smooth.

We hope you like the update. Be sure to share your thoughts using the support button at the bottom right of the page