🌓 Dark mode support in our email builder

You can now build dark mode optimized emails in Milliner!

When Apple added dark mode to iOS in September 2019 it accelerated the uptake in dark mode usage. Anecdotally dark mode email opens are around the 15% mark but that's sure to increase as more email clients support it.

Of course as always when it comes to building emails, different clients render emails differently and dark mode is no exception. Some clients invert colors, some clients don't and some clients partially invert them.

Which is where the new dark mode feature in Milliner comes in.

First up we knew it would be really important to preview the email in both light and dark mode. And to preview the email in dark mode you'd want the app to be in dark mode. So you can now toggle dark mode on the builder app and the live preview will show you the email in dark mode.

The mode is saved on the email so you can pick up where you left off.

All of the color settings in the app can now have a corresponding dark mode color, including:

  • Background color
  • Border color
  • Text style color
  • Button border color
  • Button background color

Images and background images can also now have a corresponding dark mode image. This is especially useful for logos and icons, or texture type backgrounds.

We really enjoyed building the dark mode feature into our app and we hope you enjoy using it!

As always if you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us using the support widget at the bottom right of the page.