Change Log - February 2020

We just rolled out a few updates to Milliner App:

Styled data detector links for iOS Mail
You can now set the link styles for the automatically highlighted links. These are the addresses, phone numbers, dates etc that iOS Mail automatically highlights with the default blue link color. You set them in the text styles and you can set one per block text style.

Panel toggles
Sometimes when working on a smaller screen the default Milliner builder layout could get a bit cramped. You can now toggle all the panels on and off directly from the menu bar.

View email in browser in dark mode
Previously, viewing the email in a browser would show the email in light mode regardless of whether you had a dark mode version or not. Now you can preview the email in either mode.

Redesigned export window
We've given the export window a fresh new look. It should make it easier to find the right link to download and it also triggers the export immediately making the experience smoother.