Visually Turn Email Designs into Robust Responsive Templates

Our interactive no-code canvas saves time by translating your layouts into rock-solid HTML that works on all clients.

We'll only use your email address to contact you about the app.

Milliner App user interface in a simplifed style, highlighting stacking on mobile, breakpoints editor, text editor, and text styles editor.

New! Dark Mode 🌓

We're really excited to announce dark mode support in our email builder. We're the first email builder to offer this!

You can now set colors, backgrounds, borders and images separately for light and dark modes.

You can preview the email in-app in both modes and the app itself automatically switches into dark mode.

Read more in our blog post on dark mode

Visual Canvas

Our visual canvas is a direct representation of how the email looks in your email client.

Easily add rows, columns, images and text, then drag and drop them around the email.

HTML email with areas highlighted by frames, with add content buttons.
Sliders for editing breakpoints.

Natively Responsive

Layouts are responsive by default – no extra work required.

Breakpoints can be easily and visually added to just about any property – adjust color, padding and many more for any screen width.

Our built-in responsive viewer makes it even easier to ensure your email behaves as expected on all devices.


Edit text directly in the body of the email – what you see is exactly what you’ll get in the final email – use emoji anywhere. 🎉👩‍🚀🌟

Define email-wide text styles for common tags like headers, lists and paragraphs, or define your own class based styles – they're available in all text areas.

Create your own font stacks from a wide array of common fonts including the full Google Fonts library.

Text styles editor window.
Options to edit margin, border, and padding on content.

Layout & Positioning

We give you precise control over the layout and positioning of your entire email – it’s more than just a library of rigid pre-made blocks.

Any layout is possible with our free-form flexible column builder – without worrying about how it will look in Outlook.

HTML Output

The code Milliner outputs is in line with best practices for developing emails in 2020.

  • Tested thoroughly to work in all email clients.
  • Accessible to screen readers.
  • Packaged up for your Email Service Provider (ESP).
Code editor window with email html code.
Image library window.


Easily upload images or use external images anywhere in your email.

Access and manage all your images from our image library and reuse them in other emails.

Update & Reuse

Updating and reusing templates is significantly easier with Milliner compared to traditional email workflows.

Non-technical team members can update text, images and colors without touching code.

Text editor and images selector.
Send tests window with list of test email addresses.

Send Tests

Sending a test email quickly to the right team member saves time in any email production workflow.

Our send test function keeps a list of regular test recipients allowing for one click sends once they’ve been added.

Testing services and popular webmail clients such as Litmus and Gmail are automatically linked, saving even more time and clicks.


Providing high-quality support to our customers is one of our founding principles and core to our DNA.

Email to chat directly with the founders. We'll also be adding a built in chat window to discuss issues directly from the website or app.

Image of Paul and Sean in front of a colorful wall.

About the Beta

We are currently running a public beta to help iron out any bugs and ensure our systems are running smoothly. Once the beta's run its course we plan to start charging on a monthly basis.

If you are having any issues with the software or it doesn’t quite meet your needs please let us know so we can make it work for you.